Franchise Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Winning Leads Fast, Efficient and Under Budget.

Many business owners are skeptics about pay per click but new numbers don't lie.

New studies have shown pay per click has a 54% success rate at lead generation. This means more than half of your online search visitors will engage with your ad featured on a major search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. To put this in a real world example. Consider TV commercials which have an industry average of a 1% lead generation rate and provide no concrete evidence for tracking your return on investment.

Pay per click facts reveal its potential:

  • PPC ROI: $2 revenue for every $1 ad spend.
  • 70% of mobile visitors engage a business straight from Google.
  • PPC will increase Click through for businesses with lower rankings.
  • Google's display network = Ten Super Bowl audiences

SEM, search engine marketing is the future of advertising: not radio, TV or movies.

Due to the fact franchises strongly depend entirely on the phone calls and leads pay per click is an essential strategy to remain successful throughout the next decade. 1Stbay has 10 years experience with pay per click management and will assist your franchisees so there is never any slow time. Let's get them more leads than they know what to do with ASAP!