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Creating High Quality Case Leads With 5 Star Reviews

We live in a new world where public reviews are here to stay. Online reviews and a law firm's reputation has become a major component of an effective online marketing strategy for attorneys. According to a recent study by Nielsen research, online reviews are the second most trusted form of advertising behind good old-fashioned word-of-mouth. At 1stbay, your local as Seo attorney specialist will have a core focus on building a positive brand name for your practice. Your SEO expert will put in place the most effective reputation management technology for your law firm and maximize your brand's reputation through all the major attorney platforms.

According to recent surveys, online reputation is becoming a crucial component to your law firm:

To manage your business is online reputation is a full-time job in and of itself. We understand that handling clients, building your law firm, preparing cases takes up the bulk of your time. You do not have time to jump on Yelp or Avvo and look at your reviews every hour on the hour and monitor your law firms reputation. This is why 1stbay is such a powerful partner to have by your side. We devote extensive resources on our end to improve your online reputation. We use your online reputation to create high-quality targeted leads. This way you can focus on your practice.

Why Is Your Reputation Management Important?

The research is already proven. Half of all your potential clients are deciding whether or not they want to hire you based on your online reviews. So one single positive review can be the catalyst to driving you countless future high quality leads for similar cases. Another interesting fact is that 40% of your potential clients make their deciding opinion about your law firm after reading only a couple reviews.

Lawyer Leads From Online Reviews

Our marketing systems are turnkey and include reputation management. Your local SEO specialist will help you to be able to leverage your positive reviews to your advantage and spread them across multiple platforms where you need them. Our approach drives you more cases because it gets you high quality leads from many different sources where people go to research law firms like yours. When they see your positive reviews, half of them make a decision to call you right then and there. /p>

Managing Negative Reviews for Protection

1stbay’s SEO services will give you an extra benefit for your online reputation. As your online rankings grow and your authority online strengthens, negative reviews will have less influence over your practice. Every attorney has had a dissatisfied client at some point in their career. That dissatisfied client might have wanted to take out their frustrations publicly on your Google or some other profile. Do not worry about a couple bad reviews.

With our consistent flow of content through blogs and strong, positive testimonials the good will far outweigh the bad input your law firm in a positive light. We can assure you that your campaign will be strong enough to generate high-quality leads and new clients.

Want to know more about our reputation management services? Give 1stbay a call at (866) 972-3730 to speak with one of our specialists.

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