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Attract Ideal Cases With Stunning Video

The most powerful medium to reach your visitors is by video. You will want video marketing if you want the best exposure to get the clients and cases. The combination of attention grabbing visuals with audio to convey your message has proven to be the most engaging way medium of content on the Internet right now. You use it as a lead-in to host all the benefits of going with your law firm.

Search trends statistics according to Google and others confirm the power of online video marketing:

Why Video?

The average adult's attention span (referencing the NCBA -National Center for Biotechnology Information) is almost 10 seconds, a video has the power needed to engage with over 50% of your online visitors nearly 10 times longer. 1stbay provides our clients with industry-leading video marketing services.

Video Production with 1stbay

1stbay’s video production service can redefine the way your law practice will engage and retain your visitors. 50% of all small businesses contain no video content, while over 50% of all web traffic includes video—this means you have a special opportunity to get an epic advantage over your competition.

Humans are visual beings. We choose to engage with what captivates all of our senses the best, this is why video is such a powerful tool for your law firm. It engages more senses from your users by way of visuals, imagery and sound, providing a clear message that will last in the minds of your visitors longer than your competitor.

What Does Using Video Do for Your Firm?

It does a ton! Click below to learn more:

  • More Marketing Opportunities

  • Longer “Hang Time”

  • Higher Conversions = Higher Revenue

By having high quality video content on your website and in your social profiles your law firm to market itself more effectively. You can showcase what you do, exactly who you are. Video is you the opportunity to show your prospective clients your personal passion for their issue as well as a powerful way to demonstrate your value as their advocate. In addition to that, video testimonials from your previous clients will utilize two of the most powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal: client satisfaction and engagement with your visitors.
Did you know your search engine rankings take into account how long people spend on your site? Sites with videos hold people 2 minutes longer than those that do not. If 2 minutes doesn't sound like much time to worry about you should consider that the average visitor only spends a minute on a site before deciding to leave. So by that statistic you are keeping people on your site more than double the average. This will increase your Google and Yahoo rankings, putting you in front of more people who want and need your help. 1stbay helps your site rankings and your video content benefit each other.
Did you know nearly 50% of all video watchers take action right after watching the video? Ponder that for a second. 50% of your website visitors could contact you as a result of watching your video. The math is simple: Higher volumes of calls and contact forms being filled out equals more clients and more cases for you. Thus creating a stronger revenue stream for your law firm.

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