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Online resources have a very strong influence. More than 25% of all consumers will contact the first businesses they see from the search engine results page. Marketing becomes necessary so that your company can compete since there are billions of searches conducted every day.

That’s where 1stbay comes in to play. Since 2008, the 1stbay online marketing team has generated more than 1 million leads for our clients.

Quality leads play a very important role in creating a long term revenue growth for you as a carpet cleaning business. Our digital marketing agency wants to give you incredible success. Our highly professional websites and innovative marketing campaigns will provide you with just that. .


1stbay’s main specialty is creating technologically innovative websites that are beautiful. Our websites bring business for all our carpet cleaning clients. Our sites include every tool a carpet cleaning company needs. This includes online appointment schedulers as well as online bill pay. Those tools will be of a great convenience for your visitors. As a result, they will choose you over any other competition.


Our sophisticated reporting system will track your campaign. You’ll know everything about everything, each month, week, and day. You’ll know who’s calling your business, where from, what device they’re using, and the cost of each lead. This will allow you to take your company into new heights and achieve higher ROI.

Don’t settle for mediocre—let 1stbay help you become the premier carpet cleaner in your area. Call (855) 217-0194 today!


It is quite natural to be concerned about if the money you’re paying will be wasted and will not get you the results you need. This is understandable. That is why, we just handle every aspect of your campaign, and that includes blogging and website design. Your marketing team will know your campaign intimately and will make sure that it is aligned with maximum growth.

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  • Highly Professional Website Design

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

  • Review Management

Your business needs an attractive website that is easy to use. Also, your website should function perfectly for every type of visitor you have. Since more than 50% of your visitors will come from mobile devices, then your website should look good and function great across multiple screen sizes. 1stbay will do just that.

Our websites will automatically adapt to any screen size. So, it doesn’t matter what device your potential clients are using. Your website will be hassle-free. Over 55% of users will visit within 15 seconds if the website is difficult to use. 1stbay will make sure that this is not a problem for you. Your website will increase visitor retention, drive leads, and create higher revenue each month.

The business that are on top of the search engine results usually get more business. About 91% of search users won’t look at the second page. More than 33% of all clicks belong to the first result seen. More clicks means more visitors. This means that the top 5% of Google results get as much business as, if not more than, the rest of the businesses combined. The top if where we want to put you. .

1stbay will provide you with your own SEO Manager who will work with you long-term to have your website climb the ranks. You will get relevant content to draw in visitors. Your website will be frequently updated. The coding will exceed Google standards. Your SEO Manager will use social media platforms to capture potential customers, and will employ dozens of ethical “white hat” techniques to help your business rank higher.

Your business will receive more high quality leads because your online presence deserves it. Your SEO Manager will develop your website so that it would reach its full potential on the long term.

The pay-per-click ads will never have you think twice about how effective investing in marketing is. They triggered to appear at the top of the search engine results pages whenever users search for specifically set terms. You decide how much you’re willing to pay for a click and that will decide where the ad is placed. However, you only pay whenever a user clicks on it.

PPC ads are trackable, measurable, and they create real revenue. Businesses make $2 revenue for every $1 they spend on PPC as an average. Our PPC campaigns do even better. They are among the most effective in the industry. We’re part of few businesses known as Google Adwords™ Premier SMB Partners because of our effective and honest PPC campaigns that help our clients succeed.

A good review is so important for your growth. As a matter of fact, 85% of consumers will check a business’s ratings before contacting them. 73% trust a business based on the reviews they find. 9 out of 10 users will trust a good review as much as they trust a recommendation from someone they personally know. Your reviews definitely affect the volume and the quality of your calls.

According to one study at Harvard, one additional star on Yelp increases the business’s annual revenue by 5-9%.

At 1stbay, our Local SEO Specialist will continuously work with you in order to increase your lead volume through good reviews. They will help you generate positive reviews from your happy customers and spread them on multiple platforms such as Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook, etc. Testimonials are used for a maximum impact on your potential customers. Your ongoing review management will be a free resource to grow your revenue faster.

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