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As one of the leaders in home services marketing in the United States, 1stbay has worked with various electricians. Many businesses wanted to generate more leads but they didn’t have the time or the expertise. They mostly spend time on calls. Many professionals only market themselves when things are desperate. The perfect solution for this is partnering with an online marketing team. All electricians need internet marketing. It’s the 21st century and the economy nowadays depends on online activity. More than 80% of consumers look electrical services online before deciding on an electrician.

If you need online marketing, choose us, a team that’s won over 1 million leads for clients.


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  • Website Design

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

  • Review Management

Every websites has only 15 seconds to convince the visitors to stay. Mobile users leave after 5 seconds, on average. Visitors don’t need a merely sophisticated and attractive website, but the also need the website to be easy to use and perfectly functional on every device. That requires an intuitive and innovative website that is also powerful and simple.

1stbay’s specialty is driving quality leads for electricians through their website design. We offer cutting edge designs that are built to generate revenue for your business. Our in-house technology that include systems, that allow online bill pay as well as appointment scheduling, and our adaptable to every screen designs, will help transform the visitors to your website into actual paying customers.

As an electrician, you will need to rank high on search engines so you will be able to reach customers. About 91% of search users will only look at the first page of results. 33% will click on the first result only. Your SEO Manager will work with you continuously to make sure that your business is ranking high in your area, thus driving visitors to your site in large numbers.

Your own SEO Manager will include publish quality content, clean up your online presence, promote your business on multiple social platforms, always update your website, improve user experience, and much more. We take no “cheats” to rank because this will hurt your business. You employ ethical industry practices only and that will guarantee you a long-term success.

Your SEO campaign will also be in sync with your other marketing efforts. This will lend them credibility. Your business will have a dependable and tangible increase in leads. Every month, your SEO Manager will exceed your goals. You will get higher customer volume, and this will lead into a growth in revenue and a higher return on investment.

In marketing, you won’t find anything as adjustable, measurable, and cost-effective as pay-per-click advertising. The PPC ads appear above multiple search engines results page, including on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. They are triggered by certain set search terms (e.g. “local electrician”). You can set a specific budget that will determine how often and how high the ad appears. However, you will only pay if the viewer clicks on the ad. This will result in marketing directly to the people who are looking for you. This way, you will invest your money directly into what is most effective for your business. Over time, you will get more leads, more calls, and more revenue.

We set the standard for PPC campaigns in the web marketing industry. Our campaigns bring incredibly high returns for our clients at the lowest costs. This has earned us an honor that only few business have nationwide, and that is to be an Adwords™ Premier SMB Partner. You can count on us making the necessary adjustments to your campaign continuously so that we drive up your quality leads and create a powerful revenue generator.

Your online ratings have a great impact on your business. More than 85% of consumers will research a business before choosing one. 73% will trust a business according to what they find about them online. We understand the power of your reviews to create revenue, and that is why we provide you with a Local SEO Specialist.

Harvard Business School found that increasing your Yelp rating by only a single star can increase your annual revenue by 5-9%.

1stbay’s Local SEO Specialist will help you use one of your satisfied customers to generate positive reviews. This way, we can boost your ratings across platforms like Yelp, Angie’s List, Google, Facebook, and more. We also make sure that your business is protected from poor reviews by maintaining your good reputation. This means more visitors who will trust you and turn into customers based on your impeccable ratings.


1stbay’s simplified reporting system will allow you to see exactly how much every lead we bring you is worth. You will also be able to check how much it cost you to acquire leads as well as how high your return on investment is.

At 1stbay, we never settle for mediocre. Our marketing team we always adjust your campaign to increase your lead generation, lead quality, and overall ROI over time.

Learn more about our electrician marketing by speaking with an expert at 1stbay.
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