Meet the 1stbay Family

Our Vision: Big Dreams + Well Calculated Risk + Action = Success

The first step to redefine your internet marketing is to rethink what’s possible. Only few are willing to take on this mission. Here at 1stbay, we are more than happy to embrace this project. Each and every member of our team strives to deliver the best of the best by being committed to create a unique company culture.

“At 1stbay we're extremely competitive and have a desire to help our clients win in business. We know that our success and profits will be determined by yours first. Therefore it is our belief to focus on your return on investment before ours.” - Scott Andreasen, CEO

Our main focus at 1stbay is you. We’re client focused and result oriented. We truly believe that we are only successful when you are. We are the genuine partners of our clients and we will fight hard for them to win their space.

When working with us, you’ll contact the same person throughout your project. You will know your point of contact by name and they will know every detail about your business. Actually, countless times our clients and our team members became friends because of the time they spend working together.

We only know “outstanding”. We never settle for “average” or “good enough”. 1stbay is not merely a job, it’s a way of life. Our whole culture and relationships with our clients revolve around this idea.

At 1stbay, our doctrine is simple: “Leave it all on the court!” - Are you ready to "leave it all on the court" in your career? Visit our Careers page to see available positions.