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“If you’re wanting new leads for your business or to increase brand awareness, social media is a great way. It allows you to easily interact with previous customers, new prospects and social media marketing should be a part of your total digital marketing campaign.” - Scott Andreasen, CEO

Social media influences more than 35% of online searchers before making purchasing decisions. Before making contact with you, more than the third of your potential customer base will certainly interact with your online profiles. That is why, social media can prove to be a really powerful tool for your business. It can help draw more visitors and create more revenue.

Unfortunately, you may find yourself too busy to handle your social networking profiles with taking care of your business. With 1stbay, you won’t have to worry about that. 1stbay will provide you with your own internet marketing team that includes a local SEO specialist committed to handle your online presence with precision and immediacy. They will use your social media platforms as a way to promote your business. They will drive leads and maximize your revenue through pair and free resources.

We handle everything about your social presence. We make sure that your name, address, and phone number are consistent across the web. We promote your company's content and brand on Facebook, Twitter, and more. We will help you engage with potential clients in niche spaces; this way, we will create business in places you have yet to reach.

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1stbay is committed to being the best marketing company in the world by providing world-class services, products, and attitude. With our competitive spirit and dedication to your goals, we make success fun again!

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Paid Advertising on Social Media

Billions of people worldwide use social media. Social media advertising is a huge and unexploited market that 1stbay is ready to take on. Through our social media management strategy, we put your ads in front of the millions of users who are on social sites daily.

One of the most powerful potential market is Facebook. Advertising on the social network with is on a continuous rise allows you to access a wide audience that is divided by age, location, occupation, interests, and more. You can simply choose your audience with precision to reach clients that need you most. 1stbay can leverage Facebook advertising to reach about a billion visitors every day and bring you completely new revenue possibilities. .

Why Hiring a Professional Matters

Social media help increase your ranking and your authority. It only needs to be handled well. “Authority” measures your business’s credibility in your field. It also shows how trustworthy your profile’s information is. Your website will be considered trustworthy for users by search engines if you have many online profiles that are consistent.

As a result, the higher your business will rank in search results.

A strong online presence depends on both quality and quantity. Our team can maintain over a hundred profiles on your behalf with one goal in mind: creating new clients and revenue for your business.

“I make more money than I ever did before advertising with 1stbay. ”

- Patrick Hloska, Bayside Roofing Professionals Check Out What Clients Say About Us

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