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“At 1stbay, we don't do the black-hat SEO tricks because they only deliver short-term results. Instead, we give you long-term SEO programs that provide tangible results and true value.” -Scott Andreasen, CEO

Owning a website is not enough to get traction for your business.  You have thousands of competitors in millions of searches just to get to the top spot of the search engine results page (SERP).  It’s not about getting found either.  Around 70% of your potential clients look at just the first 5 results.  Ranking plays an important role when it comes to search engines and your business’s revenue.  The difference between the first and second page is the difference between thriving and barely surviving.

Our search engine optimization consultants are the answer.  We understand major search engines such as Google.  The SEO experts at 1stbay know search engines actually look for.  With our care, your website will have all that users and engine algorithms look for.

Our SEO experts help make sure search engines rank your business higher.

    •    They write professional, easy to read, and useful content

    •    They code your website to be search engine friendly

    •    They gain valuable backlinks continuously

    •    They update your website frequently

    •    They promote your business on social media networks

    •    They clean up and maintain your online footprint

    •    They take a clean and ultimately “white hat” approach

Local SEO Company: Rise Above the local Competition

For most of our clients, ranking for local keywords is quite critical.  The local SEO environment can be really competitive.  Not many spots are available for ranking in the maps and there is a lot of competition going on.  However, our Local SEO Specialists come to the rescue.  They really intimately familiar with everything that it takes in order to rank for valuable keywords.  We will help you realize what’s necessary to know what’s important too.  We promote your business online for more reviews and we ensure that your online footprint is clean and consistent.

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1stbay is committed to being the best marketing company in the world by providing world-class services, products, and attitude. With our competitive spirit and dedication to your goals, we make success fun again!

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Honing in on Your Critical Keywords

The secret to our successful strategy is understanding what your business wants.

1stbay’s first concern is that you rank for the searches that actually matter.  No time is wasted to optimize your website and report keywords that that sound good but don’t drive the necessary traffic.  We understand the relation between your business and the search engine landscape.  Then, we make suggestions of keywords that get you in front of the right people at the right time during their searching and buying cycle.  Our SEO experts will then create an effective campaign while going after those traffic and business driving keywords.

Fighting for the Highest Ranks

1stbay wants your business to be the first.  We want you to succeed through legitimate and ethical tactics.  We would never rely on spam to “fool” search engines.  Our SEO consultants rely on their passion, skill, and hard work to make sure that your websites rank high and stay there.  We make sure that the clients who need you most see you.

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“I've been with 1stbay five years. For the past 5 years 1stbay has increased my web traffic tenfold, increasing my business and my presence on the internet. They've been very easy to work with. You will get results.”

- Mike Daly, Daly Home Improvements What Our Clients Say About Us

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