Pay Per Click Advertising

SEM Is A Game Changer

Every day, there is around six billion people conducting Google searches. That’s close to over fifty Super Bowl audiences day in and day out. While most businesses would do anything to advertise during the Super Bowl, a better chance is offered everyday on search engine results pages (SERP). This is a greater investment with stronger return. Search engine marketing (SEM) offers the opportunity to advertise to those who are most likely to become paying clients of yours.

How Does SEM Work?

It’s all about carefully-designed keyword campaigns and your Target CPA (cost per action). CPA refers to getting a call, filling out a lead form or purchasing your product. 1stbay creates a list of keywords and search queries statistically that are the most likely to come from potential clients ready to take action based upon your specific goals. For instance, people searching for “what to do after a car accident” would probably look for an automotive mechanic or a personal injury lawyer. Our long years of experience allows us to create keyword campaigns that attract the audience you are searching for and get you instant results.

After that, our PPC experts will create special and unique text and display ads that will start appearing whenever searches getting tracked are typed in by your target prospects. The ads would lead back to your website where you get the desired action... Contact form fill out, a call or a purchase. Visitors to your website will then turn into customers. The special thing about SEM is that advertisers pay money only when their ads are clicked. This is pay-per-click advertisement. Through a preset budget, you pay for ads that create leads. This makes SEM effective 50 times more than television commercials and billboards.

“The goal of a PPC Campaign is to scale for your lowest cost per action, not your lowest cost per click. “ - Scott Andreasen, CEO and Adwords Certified Expert

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1stbay is committed to being the best marketing company in the world by providing world-class services, products, and attitude. With our competitive spirit and dedication to your goals, we make success fun again!

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What Does Search Engine Marketing Offer?

Through SEM, you have control and flexibility over your business’s marketing. Through our powerful tracking system, we can let you target a specific area. Also, you will be able to create more revenue through one particular service you offer.

Our SEM managers help you meet your goals and transform the way you do business.

In addition, you can track and measure the return on your investment. Every received lead is tracked by our system. This allows us to know what works best for your business. Our SEM managers monitor your campaign constantly while they hone it to ensure a maximum return to your investment. For instance, if one keyword is performing stronger than others, we make sure that the higher performing keyword is the priority. That way, your money does all the work while you take care of other tasks.

Dial Up Your Business’ Performance!

Pay-per-click is the future of advertising. Advertising now occupies the top of the search engines results page. Actually, the first page of results on mobile search is entirely devoted to paid ads.

That's billions of searchers per day.

Our PPC specialists have the necessary skills to make sure that your ads are where they need to be when they need to be through optimized budgets and high quality scores which rank your ads based on the overall quality of your website, content, and campaign.

“We get eight or nine dollars back for every dollar spent on advertising with 1stbay. That is incredible return by most measures!!”

- Nelson Cutter, Cuttler & Lax Attorneys at Law Check Out What Clients Say About Us

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